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Search Committee

Pastoral Search Committees should avail themselves of the following resources:

Employment Policy 6.0-Requirements churches must follow when employing a pastor.

Local Church Profile-This document will help profile your church to all new pastoral candidates.

Pastoral Profile and Survey-This document provides the church with an overview of a pastoral candidate's gifts and strengths.

Candidate Interview Form-This document provides the church with an interview process for the pastoral candidate.

The Calling and Locating of a Pastor-This document outlines all the essential details that a church needs to consider when calling a pastor to their church.

Compensation Guide for CCCC Pastors-This document provides a thorough look into what should be considered in compensating your pastor.

Letter of Agreement for Interim Pastoral Ministry -This sample interim ministry contract may be altered or revised to suit an individual church's needs. Please feel free to contact the National Office for any additional advice regarding the calling of an interim leader.

Places to Advertise for a Pastor:

C.C.C.C Pastors Wanted.