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"I value belonging because I love our mission: Proclaiming Jesus Christ, Making Disciples and Growing Healthy Churches."


"I value belonging because I know that through our involvement our local church is helping other churches thrive."

“We have been blessed with very capable and loving support from our National Pastor during difficult times. His support was crucial in guiding our leadership through these difficulties.”

“Last year we went through a difficult time in our church and invited our National Pastor to come and speak to us regarding the issue of vision. Our congregation has picked up on these seed thoughts and over the following months a vision was developed to begin a Saturday evening service to reach younger adults. All this to say that it began with a day of vision casting by our National Pastor and the seeds he planted have grown.”

"Belonging to the CCCC has many advantages, one of them being part of a great fellowship and knowing there is somewhere to go if you or your church are having problems. I also appreciate knowing that in a crisis there are fellow believers upholding you in prayer."

“Dear National Pastor, thank you for your guidance in what was the most difficult and unexpected meeting I have ever sat through.”

“The CCCC is a movement that consists of a very caring and supportive family of churches who take seriously our Lord’s Great Commission: to spread His message of truth and hope, make reproducing disciples and grow churches in a healthy way.”


"Our National Pastor recently conducted a training event at our church. The feedback I received from those attending the leadership workshop has been extremely positive. One man especially noted that this workshop had real substance and was worth every bit of this time.”

"I have enjoyed being a part of the 4C's family and growing in my faith. What I have liked about attending the annual 4C's Conferences is meeting fellow Christians from across the country and making new friends".


“The leadership seminar our National Pastor led our church leadership team in was hugely beneficial to all of us. His approach was very engaging and the content he used was succinct, yet rich in substance, and most importantly, very relevant to where we were at as a church. The seminar was full of sound reminders and helpful insights that allowed each of us in our leadership team to leave with valuable takeaways.”.

“Rev. Schrader, thank you so much for helping us navigate and telling us what we needed to hear.  If you don't hear it from anyone else, know that I am so incredibly grateful for your leadership.”


“The leadership training seminar conducted by our National Pastor was very beneficial and encouraging to both board members and the congregation. Insights and a new appreciation of the church board’s role in the congregation was well received and proved to be an effective change agent.”

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